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This article describes the basic operation of the AddMenu macro action. For step-by-step instructions for creating custom menus and shortcut menus, see the article Create custom menus and shortcut menus by using macros.

Note   The AddMenu macro action is not available in Access web apps.

You can use the AddMenu action to create:

  • Custom menus on the Add-Ins tab for a particular form or report.

  • A custom shortcut menu for a form, report, or control. The custom shortcut menu replaces the built-in shortcut menu for the form, report, or control.

  • A global shortcut menu. The global shortcut menu replaces the built-in shortcut menu for fields in table and query datasheets, forms, and reports, except where you've added a custom shortcut menu for a form, report, or control.


The AddMenu action has the following arguments.

Action argument


Menu Name

The name of the menu, for example, "Report Commands" or "Tools".

To create an access key so that you can use the keyboard to choose the menu, type an ampersand (&) before the letter you want to be the access key. This letter will be underlined in the menu name on the Add-Ins tab.

Menu Macro Name

The name of the macro group that contains the macros for the menu's commands. This is a required argument.

Note   If you run a macro containing the AddMenu action in a library database, Access looks for the macro group with this name in the current database only.

Status Bar Text

The text to display in the status bar when the menu is selected. This argument is ignored for shortcut menus.


To run the AddMenu action in a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) module, use the AddMenu method of the DoCmd object. You can also set the MenuBar or ShortcutMenuBar property in VBA to create a custom menu on the Add-Ins tab or to attach a custom shortcut menu to a form, report, or control. You can set the ShortcutMenuBar property of the Application object to create a global shortcut menu.

Applies To: Access 2013 Developer, Access 2010 Developer, Access 2016 Preview, Access 2013, Access 2007 Developer, Access 2007, Access 2010

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