Add your other email accounts to

Do you use multiple email accounts, such as, Gmail, or Yahoo Mail? Would you like to send and receive mail from one place rather than needing to sign in to multiple email sites? Well, you can!

What is a connected account? lets you connect up to 20 other email accounts, such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail, and view them from your inbox. Each account is listed as a folder in your folder pane so you can switch between them without ever leaving Connected accounts sync every time you sign in to and once per hour while you're using

Note: You can connect a maximum of 20 accounts to your account. If you’ve connected more than 20 accounts, you won’t be able to send or receive messages from any of your connected accounts. To resolve the issue, please remove some connected accounts so that the total number of connected accounts is 20 or less.

Connect your email accounts to

Note: If you add another email account to, please keep your Microsoft account as the primary alias. For more information, see Add or remove an email alias in

  1. Sign in to

  2. On the navigation bar, select The Settings button > Options.

    Click Settings > Options

  3. In the left pane, choose Mail > Accounts > Connected accounts.

    Connected Accounts

    Note: Not all features are available in every region. If you don't see the Connected accounts option, this feature might not be available for your account.

  4. If you're connecting a Gmail account, choose Gmail. To connect any other type of email account, such as an Outlook on the web (Office 365) account, choose Other email accounts.

  5. On the Connect your email account page, enter your full email address, such as, and the password of the email account you want to connect to

    Note: If you've turned on two-step verification for the account you want to connect to, you will need to create an app password for that account. Go to your provider's account security page and create an app password. Then, go to and enter that password on the Connect your email account page.

  6. Choose OK.


    • If you get a message that Outlook couldn't connect to the server for your other account, choose Back and make sure you entered the correct email address and password for your account. Typos are very common!

    • If that doesn't work, you might be connecting a POP account. See What are IMAP and POP? and POP and IMAP settings for Outlook on the web for more information.

    • GoDaddy accounts: If you use to access a non-Microsoft domain, you might not be able to sync your accounts using IMAP. To resolve this, you should remove it and reconfigure it as a POP connection. For instructions about how to reconfigure your GoDaddy domain, go to Set up your email address with POP.

      If none of these steps resolve your issue, or you need to have IMAP enabled (it's disabled by default), contact GoDaddy support.

  7. Choose Options to return to your Inbox. Your connected account will be included in your folder list.

Set the default "From" address

You can send email from any account you've added to

  1. Return to the connected accounts page by selecting The Settings button > Options > Mail > Accounts > Connected accounts.

  2. Select Change your From address.

  3. In From address, select an address from the drop-down list.

Frequently asked questions about connected accounts on

Incorrect settings are the most common problem when connecting accounts to Confirm your account settings with your provider. After you set up your account, sign out and sign in again, and make sure that your settings are correct.

At this time, only supports rules on new items that are sent to your inbox. does not filter messages sent to your connected account. Any junk mail filtering occurs on the server that hosts your connected account.

Your calendar is linked to your account and not your connected account. Calendar invitations are sent from the account that's linked to your calendar.

The Sent Items folder only syncs what is available on the connected account server. If the item doesn't appear in the Sent Items folder of the connected account server, it will not appear in the Sent Items folder.

Syncing between your connected account and is one-way only. When you connect an account, syncs email from your connected account, but it doesn't sync any changes you make in back to your connected account. If you delete, move, or read an email from a connected account in, you won't see the change when you go to your connected account.

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