Add video and audio files into Sway

Video and audio clips and recordings can enhance your Sway and make it more interactive and engaging. To add video or audio files to your Sway, do any of the following:

  • From File Explorer, drag and drop video or audio files right onto your Storyline.

  • On the top menu bar, click Insert, then select your preferred content source from the menu, such as OneDrive, YouTube, or My device. Choose the video or audio file that you want, and then drag it onto your Storyline.

    Select a content source from the Insert menu in Sway.

    Note: The content sources shown in this image are currently available for Microsoft Account (Hotmail, Live, users. Sway content sources for Office 365 commercial users vary, and can be controlled by your organization’s IT administrator.

  • On the top menu bar, click Cards, then select Video or Audio. For video files, click Add a video. For audio files, click Add an audio file.

Supported file formats

Sway supports common video file formats, such as .mp4 and .mov, and common audio file formats, such as .mp3 and .wav. Learn more about file size limits.

Want to embed video and audio files from third-party sources in your Sway? Learn how.

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