Add to a mail merge address list

If you’ve set up your mailing list in an Excel spreadsheet or in your Outlook contacts, you can add to your list before you start the mail merge in Word.

  1. Open your Excel spreadsheet or your Outlook Contacts.

  2. Make any additions, deletions, or corrections that you want.

  3. If your list is in Excel, save and close the file.

Add to your mail merge list in Word

If you typed your list in Word, or if you’ve already started the mail merge, you can update your list in Word.

  1. Open your existing Word mail merge document, if it isn’t already open.

  2. Click Mailings > Edit Recipient List.

    Edit Recipient List command

  3. Under Data Source, click the name of your mailing list file, and then click Edit.

    Mail merge recipients list options

  4. Here’s what you can do:

    • Update the information for a person in your mailing list: Select the information and then change it.

    • Add new people to your mailing list: Click New Entry and then type the information in each column in the shaded row.

      Edit Data Source box

    • Make more information available for the merge by adding a new column: Click Customize Columns, and then click Add to add a column.

      The columns in your mailing list become the merge fields you can use in your mail merge document. If you want to include different kinds of information, you can create new columns. For example, in an email merge, you can add a Personal Message column include a personal note to people you want to follow-up with or thank.

      Customize Address List dialog box

      You can also click a column in the list and then use the Move Up or Move Down buttons to change where the column is in the list. After you make the changes you want, click OK.

      Then fill in the information in the new column for each person on your list.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Word asks whether you want to make these changes to your mailing list file. Click Yes to keep the changes.

Now you’re ready to insert mail merge fields in your document. For more information, see Insert mail merge fields.

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