Add people to your project

The view you're using determines how you add people to your project. Or if you’re using Project Web App, you add them using Enterprise or Generic resources.

  • The easiest way to add people is when you assign them to tasks.

  • To include more information about these people, such as salaries, accrue rates, material cost rates, or email address, use the Resource Sheet to add people. Click View > Resource Sheet.
    To make this work a little easier, click the Resource tab once you’re in the Resource sheet, and then click Add Resources.

    Note   You can add resources from your organization’s Active Directory or the Outlook Address book.

Add people to your project image

Add people from Project Web App

If you are using Project Professional and Project Web App, then you can use additional types of resources.

  • Enterprise resources    An enterprise resource is a person or resource that is part of a pool of resources available to project managers across the company.

  • Generic resources     Generic resources are categories of workers, such as carpenters or developers, or a team of resources. Before you can add generic resources to your project, an administrator needs to add them to Project Web App.

  • In the Resource sheet, click the Resource tab > Add Resources > Build Team from Enterprise.
    Team Builder button

  • In the Build Team from Enterprise box, pick the person or other resource to add, then click Add.

  • The picture below shows that two types of resources have been added.

  • Gary, a work resource.

  • A generic resource (carpenter).

  • Tip    To add the generic resource to the list of available enterprise resources, click Customize filters. In the Field Name column enter generic, in the Test column enter equals, and in the Value column enter Yes. Then click Apply.

    Team Builder with resources image

Sarah and Tom are available as resources, but have not been added to the project.

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Applies To: Project Standard 2013, Project Professional 2013

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