Add page numbers

Note   This procedure will replace the header or footer if there is one. To add page numbers to an existing header or footer, see Add page numbers to a header or footer.

  1. Click Insert > Page Number, click a location (such as Top of Page), and then pick a style. Word automatically numbers every page.

    Image of the Page Number button and menu in the Header & Footer group on Insert Ribbon.

  2. When you’re done, click Close Header and Footer, or double-click anywhere outside the header and footer area.

    Image of Close Header and Footer button under Header & Footer Design tools

Tip   Word automatically numbers every page but you can change that if you want to. If, for example, you don't want the page number to appear on the first page of your document, doubleclick near the top or bottom of a page to open the Header & Footer Tools Design tab, and check the Different First Page box. For more options, click Page Number > Format Page Numbers.

Learn more about page numbers

Applies To: Word 2016, Word 2013

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