Add or remove a footnote

Presentation citations or references in the body of text on a slide are either explained in footnotes at the bottom of a slide or in endnotes following the presentation. When you add a footnote to a slide you have to manually add a reference number to the slide and footnote.

Add the footnote text

Here's an example of a footnote in PowerPoint. Follow the steps below to add your own footnote. After adding your footnote, you can make the footnote indicators superscript.

Slide with a footer in PowerPoint

  1. Click the place in the body of the slide where you want to add a footnote, and type a number or symbol, like "1".

  2. Click Insert > Header & Footer.

  3. On the Slide tab, select Footer, and in the Footer box, type the number or symbol you added in step 1, and then type the text that you want to appear in the footnote at the bottom of your slide.

    Shows Footer dialog box in PowerPoint

    Note: The Preview pane highlights the area on the slide where your footnote will appear.

  4. Click Apply if you want the footer to appear only on the selected slide. If you want it to appear on all of the slides, click Apply to All.

    Note:  If you want the footnote to appear on all slides except the title slide, before clicking Apply to All, select Don't show on title slide.

Make the footnote indicators superscript

  1. Select the number or symbol you added to the footnote text at the bottom of the slide.

  2. Click Home, and in the Font group, click the Dialog Box Launcher Dialog box button .

  3. Click the Font tab, and under Effects, select Superscript. Superscript makes the number or symbol smaller and slightly above the normal line of text.

    Foornote with superscript number

    Tip:  You can raise the number or symbol higher by entering a higher percentage in the Offset box. For example, the following shows the footnote with superscript format applied and an offset of 70%.

    Shows Font dialog box in PowerPoint

  4. Now, select the number or symbol you added to the body of the slide, and follow steps 2 and 3 to apply superscript formatting.

    Superscript footnote in body of slide

Remove a footnote

  1. Go to the slide with the footnote you want to remove. (If you applied a footnote to all slides, go to any slide.)

  2. Click Insert > Header & Footer.

  3. Clear the Footer check box.

    Note: If you applied a footnote to all slides and want to remove it from all slides, click Apply to All. If you applied a footnote to all slides but only want to remove it from the current slide, click Apply.

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