Add images to a header or footer

In addition to page numbers or text, you can place an image in your header or footer, such as a small version of a company logo.

  1. Click Insert, and then click either Header or Footer. Dozens of built in layouts appear. Click a simple one, like Blank.

    The Header and Footer options are highlighted on the Insert tab.

  2. To replace a text area with a picture in the header or footer, select the text area. For example, if you chose either the Blank or Banded layouts, double-click [Type here] or [Document title].

    The area in the header or footer where you start typing is shown.

  3. On the Header & Footer Tools Design tab, if the picture is stored on your computer, click Pictures and select your picture. If your image is online, click Online Pictures and search from Bing or other online locations.

    Note:  Once you insert the picture, the ribbon automatically changes to Picture Tools so you can edit or resize the picture or add effects. To resize it more precisely, use the Size options among the Picture Tools. Or select the picture and drag the small circles at the corners.

  4. When you're finished, click Close Header and Footer.

    The Close Header and Footer option is highlighted on the Header and Footer Tools tab.

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