Add custom actions to the Action Bar

You can add custom actions on the Action Bar to control tasks if you have permissions to make design changes to an Access app. Use the following procedure or watch a video.

  1. Right-click the table where you want to add the custom action and click Edit Table.

  2. Click the Add custom action icon.

    Adding a new custom action to the Action Bar.

  3. Click the new custom control icon > Data icon below the custom control.

Add custom controls in an access app

  1. Add the following properties:

    • Control Name: Type a name for the custom action.

    • Tooltip: You can add a description of the action.

    • Icon: Click the up-arrow and select an icon from the gallery. To avoid duplicate icons, make sure that you select one that is not already on the Action Bar.

  2. Click the On Click button and add a macro action.

  3. Right-click the macro tab, click Save > Close.

  4. Save and close the table.

    Note    If Access displays a message indicating you’ve reached the maximum limit of custom actions for the view, you’ll need to delete existing custom actions before you can add new ones.

Edit a custom action

  1. Click the custom action button that you want to modify.

  2. Click Data property, and make any changes.

Delete a custom action

  • Select the action button and press Delete on your keyboard.

    Note    You can simultaneously delete multiple custom actions. When you delete an action, the button disappears from the Action Bar.

Undo a deleted custom action

  • Click the undo button Button Image on the Quick Access Toolbar.

Move an action button on the Action Bar

  • Click and hold the button, and drag it to a new position on the Action Bar.

Example video

This video shows you how to add two Action Bar buttons to a datasheet view--one that applies a filter to the datasheet, and another that clears all filters.

Your browser does not support video. Install Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash Player, or Internet Explorer 9.

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Applies To: Access 2013

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