Add audio that plays through your entire presentation

To play your audio across your entire presentation, set it up from the Format Audio tab.

PPT2011-Add Audio that plays through your entire presentation.mp4

  1. Go to the Home tab and click Media > Audio Browser, then choose iTunes or GarageBand.

Open audio browser

  1. Select your audio file and drag it onto the first slide.

    Media Browser

    Tip:  To preview a song, double click it.

  2. With the speaker icon selected, click the Format Audio tab and click Start > Play Across Slides.

Audio icon

Select Play Across Slides

Tip:  If your presentation is longer than your audio, loop your audio by clicking Playback Options > Loop Until Stopped.

Loop until stopped

Tip:  To hide the audio icon, select Hide Icon During Show.

Hide icon during show

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