Add a watermark to a sheet

You can choose any graphic to create a watermark that appears behind the data on your sheet. To add a watermark to every page on the sheet (for example, to indicate that the data is confidential), insert it into the sheet header or footer. You can also resize watermarks to fill an entire page.

Use the following procedures to learn how to use WordArt to create a "Confidential" graphic and add it to your sheet header as a watermark.

Sheet with watermark

Sheet with watermark

Step 1: Use WordArt to create a "Confidential" graphic

  1. On the View menu, click Page Layout.

  2. On the Standard toolbar, point to Zoom  Zoom box , and then on the pop-up menu, click One Page.

  3. On the Insert menu, click WordArt, and then in the text box, type Confidential in place of Your Text Here.

Step 2: Resize and format the "Confidential" graphic to cover the data on the page

  1. Hold down CONTROL , click the "Confidential" graphic, and then click Format Text.

  2. Click Font, and then change Font size to 72.

  3. Click Text Fill, and then change Color to black.

  4. Click Text Line, and then change Color to black.

  5. Click Text Shadow, and then clear the Shadow check box.

  6. Click Text 3-D Rotation, and then change Z to 45.

  7. Click Text Box, and then change Vertical alignment to Middle Centered.

  8. Under Autofit, click Resize text to fit shape, and then under Internal Margin, enter 0 for each margin.

  9. Click OK.

  10. Drag the graphic's sizing handle so that they align with the edges of the sheet gridlines.

    Graphic sizing handles

    Callout 1 Sizing handles

  11. On the Home tab, under Font, change Size to 96.

Step 3: Save the "Confidential" graphic as a separate file

To create a watermark, we need to insert our graphic into the sheet header. Although WordArt cannot be inserted directly into the sheet header, you can save any graphic that you create in Office as a separate file and then insert it into the sheet header.

  1. Hold down CONTROL and click the "Confidential" graphic.

  2. On the contextual menu, click Save as Picture.

    On the contextual menu, click Save As Picture

  3. In the Save As box, type Confidential.png as the name for the file.

  4. On the Format pop-up menu, click PNG, and then click Save.

  5. In the sheet, click any side of the border around the "Confidential" graphic, and then press DELETE .

    Note: You must remove the graphic from the sheet before you can add the graphic file to the sheet header and format it as a watermark.

Step 4: Insert the "Confidential" graphic in the sheet header as a watermark

Now you can insert the Confidential.png file in the sheet header and format it as a watermark.

  1. At the top of the sheet, double-click the sheet header.

    The Header and Footer toolbar appears.

    Tip: If you don't see the sheet header, rest the pointer just above the first row on the sheet until you see the text Double-click to add header.

  2. Click the center section of the sheet header.

  3. On the Header and Footer toolbar, click Insert Picture  Insert Picture button .

  4. Select the Confidential.png file that you created in the previous procedure, and then click Insert.

  5. On the Header and Footer toolbar, click Format Picture  Format Picture .

  6. On the Picture tab, on the Color pop-up menu, click Watermark, and then click OK.

  7. On the Header and Footer toolbar, click Close.

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