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Note: The SharePoint Online Public Website information in this article applies only if your organization purchased Office 365 prior to March 9, 2015. Customers who currently use this feature will continue to have access to the feature for a minimum of two years after the changeover date of March 9, 2015. New customers who subscribed to Office 365 after the changeover date don't have access to this feature. Moving forward, Office 365 customers have access to industry-leading third-party offerings that enable them to have a public website that provides a complete online solution and presence. For more information about this change, see Information about changes to the SharePoint Online Public Website feature in Office 365.

A very popular feature on many websites is a slide show. Whether to advertise, entertain, or present products, a slide show is a great way to capture attention from site visitors and promote your website.

Example of Picture Library Slideshow Web Part
Top vacation photos from the Southwest!

To create a slide show, you can insert the Picture Library Slideshow Web Part, which displays pictures from a picture library. This Web Part also lets you control the duration of picture display, display pictures in random or sequential order, and display or hide picture properties. Although this Web Part is not available in the public website by default, you can add the Web Part to the site from a Team site.

Note:  Alternatively, you can do a slide show by using embedded PowerPoint. For more information, see Embed Office documents and PDF files on a website.

Tip:  Don’t forget to search the Office store from time to time for slide show apps that may better answer your needs.

There are three basic steps to adding a slide show to a web page.

Add the Picture Library Slideshow Web Part to your website

Note:  The following procedure only needs to be done once but must be done by a site administrator.

  1. Navigate to your Team site.

  2. On the blue navigation bar, click Sites.

  3. To display the Web Part Gallery, click Settings SharePoint Online Public Website Settings button , click Site settings, and then under Web Designer Galleries, click Web Parts.

  4. Select the check box next to MSPictureLibrarySlideshow.webpart, click Files, in the Copies group, click Download a copy, and then save the file.

  5. Navigate to your website.

  6. A link to the Web Parts Gallery page is not on the Site Settings page of your website. To get to this page, enter the following URL in your Browser Address box. For example, for the Contoso public website, enter:

  7. Click Files, in the Documents group click Upload New, locate the file you created in step 4, and then click OK.

  8. In the Web Part Gallery - <filename> dialog box, enter a Title, Description, and Group, and then click Save.

In effect you have copied the Picture Library Slideshow Web Part from the Team Site to the Public site.

Create a picture library

  1. Navigate to your website.

  2. Create a picture library, and then add the pictures you want to display in a slide show.

    For more information about the picture library, see Work with photos in a picture library.

Create a slide show

  1. Add and open the page where you want to add a slide show. (For more information, see Add and edit pages on your public website.)

  2. Add the Picture Library Slideshow Web Part. (For more information, see Add, move, minimize, or delete a Web Part from a page.)

  3. Make any changes to the Web Part properties you want. For example, you can display the pictures in random or sequential order, or you can add a title and description to each picture.

  4. Save and publish the page. (For more information, see Save and publish pages on your website.)

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