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After you have shared your Project Web App site with a user, you can add that user as a resource. Resources are the people, materials, or costs that are required to get your project done.

To add a resource to the resource pool in Project Web App:

  1. Click Resources on the Quick Launch.

  2. Click Resources > New.

  3. Choose a Type for the new resource:

    • Work resources are the people who complete the tasks in your project.

    • Material resources are the tools you need to get your project done. These may include things like vehicles, computers, or conference rooms.

    • Cost resources are fees associated with your project. These may be things like lodging or airfare.

  4. Select the Budget check box if you are adding a resource that will help you track your project budget.

  5. Select the Generic check box if you are adding a resource that will represent an overall resource category, such as Developer or Contractor.

  6. In the Identification Information section, select the Resource can logon to Project Web App check box if you want the resource to be able to log on and submit a timesheet, enter task progress, or view your project in Project Web App. This is typically only applicable for Work resources.

  7. Do one of the following:

    • If you selected the Resource can logon to Project Web App check box,    in the User Authentication section, type the resource’s name or email address in the User logon account box.

    • If you did not select the Resource can logon to Project Web App check box,    type a Display Name for the resource, and then enter an Email Address, RBS identifier, and Initials, if appropriate.

  8. Choose the appropriate Assignment Attributes for the resource.

  9. Choose a Resource Department, if appropriate.

  10. In the Group Fields section, enter a Group, Code, Cost Center, and Cost Type, if appropriate.

  11. In the Team Details section, if your organization uses teams in Project Web App, choose the options that make the most sense for this resource.

  12. Click Save.

More about Assignment Attributes

Each resource can have several different details, set under Assignment Attributes:

  • Resource can be leveled    Select this check box to allow the resource’s hours to be spread evenly throughout a project.

  • Base Calendar    Choose the calendar that most accurately represents this resource’s schedule.

  • Default Booking Type    Choose whether you want the resource to be Committed to a project when he or she is assigned to a task, or Proposed as a resource to be assigned to a task.

  • Timesheet Manager    Choose the person who will approve this resource’s timesheet.

  • Default Assignment Owner    Choose the person who will manage this resource’s assignments.

  • Earliest Available    Enter the earliest date when this resource can be assigned to tasks.

  • Latest Available    Enter the latest date when this resource can work on tasks.

  • Standard Rate    Enter the standard pay rate for this resource.

  • Overtime Rate    Enter the resource’s overtime pay rate.

  • Current Max. Units (%)    Enter the maximum percentage of the resource’s time that is available to work on projects. For example, a resource may only work 20 hours each week. If this is the case, enter 50% as the resource’s Current Max. Units (%).

  • Cost/Use    If this resource has a cost associated with each assignment, enter it in this box. For example, if you are adding a van as a resource, there may be a fixed rental fee associated with that van that is paid each time the van is used.

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Applies To: Project Server 2013, Project Online

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