Add a hyperlink navigation shape to your drawing

  1. Make sure the current drawing and the file that you are linking to have been saved.

  2. If the Borders and Titles stencil is not already open, on the File menu, point to Shapes, point to Visio Extras, and then click Borders and Titles.

  3. Drag a hyperlink navigation shape (Hyperlink button, Hyperlink circle 1, or Hyperlink circle 2) onto the page.

  4. In the Address box, do one of the following:

    • Leave it blank if you want to link to another page or shape in the current drawing.

    • Type the path to a file on your computer or network.

    • Type the address of a Web site, FTP site, or e-mail address (beginning with http://, ftp://, or mailto:, respectively).

    • Click Browse and navigate to a Web site or file.

      Note: If you don't see the file that you want, try selecting a different file type in the Files of type list.

  5. To link to a specific page or shape on a page, or to choose a zoom level, click Browse next to Sub-address, and in the Hyperlink dialog box, do the following:

    1. Choose which page you want to link to.

    2. Type the name of the shape that you want to link to.

      To get the shape's name, on the Tools menu, click Options, click the Advanced tab, and under Advanced options, select the Run in developer mode check box. Right-click the shape, point to Format, and then click Special. The shape's name is in the Name box.

    3. Choose the zoom level that you want.

  6. To link to a specific anchor on a Web page, in the Sub-address box, type the anchor name.

    If you are not sure whether to use an anchor name, leave the Sub-address box blank.

  7. In the Description box, type a name for the hyperlink.

  8. To create a relative hyperlink, select the Use relative path for hyperlink check box.

    A relative hyperlink specifies the location of the file that you are linking to, relative to the location of your current drawing. If you are not sure whether to use a relative hyperlink, do not select the Use relative path for hyperlink check box.

  9. To add another hyperlink to the hyperlink navigation shape, click New and repeat steps 4 through 8.

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