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Your logo is an important part of your public website. It is often one of the first things your site visitors look at when they visit your website so you should have one that resembles your business or organization. This article describes how to add your own custom logo to your public website in Office 365. Watch the video below (at 1:07) for a quick demo. The rest of this article appears below the video.

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Add your logo to your website

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Create your logo

Before you can add your own custom logo to your website, you need to first create a logo or update an existing logo so that it’s optimized for your website. Here are some guidelines and tips for creating your website logo.

  • Determine whether you want to hire a logo designer to create the logo yourself. You might decide this based on your budget and knowledge of graphics or design concepts.

  • Look at the logos of businesses similar to yours to see what’s common, trendy, or eye-catching. Your logo is often how your customers differentiate you from your competition, so you should think about how you want to differentiate yours from the rest.

  • Think about a logo that best communicates what your business is about and the service you offer. It could be simple or conservative, or flashy and esoteric.

  • Don't use common logo galleries, computer clip art, etc. because it’s too easily recognizable as generic art. You should have a unique logo that represents your business.

  • The logo should be roughly 200x100 pixels so that it fits in the upper left corner of the screen, much like the default logo.

  • Your logo and website design should go together or complement one another. The style and colors of the logo should resemble your website. At a minimum, the logo background should match the website or be transparent so that the website background shows through.

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Add your logo to your website

Once you’ve created a logo or had one created by a designer, the next step is adding it to your website. To add your logo, follow these steps.

To add your logo to your website

  1. On your public website, click the Site tab.

  2. Click Change Logo.

    • To upload your logo from your computer, click From Computer, click Browse, locate the image and click Open.

    • To add your logo from SharePoint, click From SharePoint, browse to the library where the image is stored, select the image and click Insert.
      (This assumes you’ve already uploaded your logo to your website.)

  3. Enter a description for the logo. This text appears as alternate text for users or devices that can’t view the logo image.

  4. Click OK to close the Logo window.

If you don’t like how the logo appears on your site, just modify the logo and repeat the steps above to overwrite the original logo.

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Next steps

If you haven’t done so already, you’ll want to change your website title and description along with the website logo as described in Change your website title and description. Then continue customizing the website look and feel. Learn more in Public Website help for Office 365. Also, you can learn about creating a whole new design with Design Manager.

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