Add a caption to a picture in a photo album

  1. Open the photo album presentation.

  2. On the Insert tab, in the Images group (Illustrations in PowerPoint 2007), click the arrow under Photo Album, and then click Edit Photo Album.

  3. Under Picture Options, select the Captions below ALL pictures check box.

    Note:  If the Captions below ALL pictures check box is grayed out or unavailable, you must first specify a layout for the pictures in the photo album.

    To specify a layout for your pictures, under Album Layout, in the Picture layout list, select the layout that you want.

    Add a caption to a picture

  4. Click Update.

    Note: By default, PowerPoint uses the picture file name as a placeholder for the caption text.

  5. In Normal view, click the caption text placeholder, and then type a caption that describes the picture.

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