Add a border to a slide

There are two ways to add borders to PowerPoint slides: You can create a simple border by drawing a rectangular, unfilled AutoShape on your slide and editing the line style, thickness, and color of the line. Or, for more elaborate borders, consider the variety of border clips available through Clip Organizer. You can insert them on a slide and then rotate or resize them.

Create a simple border

  1. On the Drawingtoolbar, click the Rectangle Button image and then draw the rectangle the size you want on your slide.

  2. On the Drawingtoolbar, click the arrow next to Fill Color Button image, and then click No Fill.

  3. On the Drawingtoolbar, click the arrow next to Line Color Button image, and then click one of the colors below Automatic, or click More Line Colors to see more options.

  4. On the Drawingtoolbar, click Line Style Button image, and then click the style you want; or click More Lines, and then click a style.

Use a pre-designed border

  1. On the Insert menu, point to Picture, and then click Clip Art.

  2. In the Clip Arttask pane, search for borders.


  3. Double-click the border in the result set that you want to use, and then copy, paste, rotate, or flip it to make it look the way you want.

Applies To: PowerPoint 2007

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