Add a birthday or anniversary for a contact

Birthdays and anniversaries can be tracked for each Outlook contact. Both are saved as all-day annually recurring events which appear in the calendar and To-Do Bar.

To enter a birthday or anniversary, do the following:

  1. In an open contact, on the Contact tab, in the Show group, click Details.

Show group on the ribbon in an Outlook contact

  1. Enter the date in the Birthday or Anniversary box.

Details view of an Outlook contact

Reminders for birthdays and anniversaries

By default, a reminder is added to birthdays and anniversaries. The reminder appears based upon the calendar default reminder time set in the Backstage view. The default is 15 minutes, which means reminders for all-day events appear 15 minutes before the start of the calendar day — 15 minutes before midnight.

If you want reminders for birthdays and anniversaries further in advance, open the series on your calendar and change the reminder time.

  1. In Calendar, press CTRL+G, and then enter the date.

The birthday or anniversary appears at the top of the calendar grid for the specified day.

  1. Double-click the birthday or anniversary to open the Open Recurring Item dialog box.

  2. Click Open the series, and then click OK.

  3. On the Recurring Event tab, in the Options group, change the Reminder time.

You can click a reminder time of up to two weeks in advance of the event.

  1. In the Actions group, click Save & Close.

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