Add Users to the Data Steward Group

An administrator can use the data stewardgroup page of the role management tab in the Power BI for Office 365 Admin Center to specify users who can certify queries in Power Query. See Certify Queries for more details about certifying queries.

Data Steward Group page of the Role Management Tab in the Admin Center

To add a user to the data steward group, an administrator needs to perform the following steps:

  1. In the Power BI Admin Center, switch to the role management tab, and click data steward group page.

  2. Click + (Add) button from the toolbar.

  3. Type the name of the user/group and click search button or press ENTER.

  4. Select user name from the search results and press +button to add the user to the admin group.

To remove a user from the data steward group, select the user from the admin group list and click delete (trash icon) button from the toolbar.

Notes    Only the members of the admin group are allowed to use the Power BI Admin Center. The user who provisioned Power BI for Office 365 will be automatically added to the admin group for the Power BI Admin Center. An administrator can add other users/groups in the Microsoft Azure Active Directory tenant to the admin group using the role management tab of the Power BI Admin Center.

If Microsoft Power BI Information Services Plan1 license was not assigned to an administrator in the admin group, the administrator will see an error message when he tries to access the admin center indicating that a Microsoft Power BI Information Services Plan1 license was not assigned to the user.

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