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If you want to have quick and easy access to your LinkedIn connections, set up a connection between your LinkedIn account and your Office 365 work or school account. A LinkedIn connection synchronizes the contact information for all of your LinkedIn connections into your account. When the synchronization is complete, you’ll see each of your LinkedIn connections listed as contacts in People in Office 365. More importantly, you’ll be able to interact with your LinkedIn contacts in the same collaborative way (email, calendar, and more) that you can with any other Outlook Web App contact.

Note    Not all features are available to all mailboxes. The features that are available to you are determined by the service contract for your account or the settings made by your administrator.

Start a connection to LinkedIn

  1. In People, in the navigation pane, select Connect to social network. Alternatively, in Outlook Web App, click Settings Settings icon > Options > Account > Connected accounts.

  2. In the Connect Office 365 to your networks section, next to LinkedIn, click Connect.

  3. Enter the email address and password associated with the LinkedIn account that you want to connect to, and then follow the prompts to set up your account.

After you follow these steps, contacts from LinkedIn will appear in People in Outlook Web App.

End a connection to LinkedIn

You can remove a connection to LinkedIn if you change the account password for that service, or for any other reason.

  1. In People, in the navigation pane, select Connect to a social network. Alternatively, in Outlook Web App, click Settings Settings icon > Options > Account > Connected accounts.

  2. In the Connect Office 365 to your networks section, next to LinkedIn, click Remove.

  3. Click Yes in the dialog box to confirm that you want to remove the connection.

After you remove a connection to LinkedIn, the contacts that were added as part of the LinkedIn connection are removed.

What else do I need to know?

  • The information for each LinkedIn connection is stored as a read-only contact record in the LinkedIn folder in People. The information that is synchronized between LinkedIn and Outlook Web App includes first name, last name, all phone numbers, all email addresses, and all physical addresses. The data for each LinkedIn contact is stored in the user’s mailbox and is retained in accordance with the data retention policies for your organization and your Office 365 service plan.

  • When one of your LinkedIn connections updates their information on LinkedIn, the respective contact information for that friend will be updated in Outlook Web App.

  • After you set up a social network connection to your LinkedIn account, you may also want to use the LinkedIn for Outlook app. The LinkedIn for Outlook app lets you get LinkedIn insights about the people you email and meet with. For example, you can view their LinkedIn profiles, see if you have any connections in common, and even submit LinkedIn connection requests from Outlook Web App Outlook 2013. For information about adding apps, see Installed apps.

  • If you change the password for your LinkedIn account, you must end the current connection to your LinkedIn account, and then start a new connection to LinkedIn using your new password.

  • You may also be able to set up a connection to Facebook. For more information, see Add Facebook friends as contacts.

  • If you use Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, or Outlook 2013, you need to use the Outlook Social Connector to connect to Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks from those email programs. For more information, see Introduction to Turn on the Outlook Social Connector.

What if I want to know more?

The photo that appears for each of your contacts depends on the type of contact. Consider the following:

  • If the contact is in your organization's address book, the photo for the contact will always be the photo that is stored in the address book record. The photo used for a contact will not change even if you create a Facebook or LinkedIn contact connection to the user.

  • If the contact is not in your organization's address book or if your organization does not have an address book, Outlook Web App will use the contact photo associated with the first social connection service to which you have connected. For example, if you first add a contact using a Facebook connection, the contact photo for that user will be their Facebook profile photo, even if you later add the user as a LinkedIn connection to that contact.

  • If you're using the Facebook or LinkedIn social connection feature, the contact photos for your Outlook Web App contacts that are also your Facebook friends or LinkedIn connections are not immediately updated after ending a connection to a social network. To make sure that the contact’s photo is updated as soon as possible, we recommend that you delete the Internet cache in your web browser whenever you stop using either the LinkedIn or Facebook social connection feature.

Applies To: Outlook Web App, Outlook Web App for Office 365, Office 365 End User

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