About supplier purchase invoices

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are available in Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2009 only.

When a purchase invoice arrives from a supplier, you enter the purchase invoice.

*You can create the supplier purchase invoice from a purchase order or a goods received note. A supplier purchase invoice lists the quantity received for each line item on the purchase order.

Note: * If you selected the Use job check box in the Preferences dialog box, a purchase invoice includes a Job name field. If you selected the Use Department check box in the Preferences dialog box, a purchase invoice includes a Department field.

If you have a credit with a supplier, you can apply it to a supplier purchase invoice. If you return a product or receive a refund, you can create a supplier credit note.

When you save a supplier purchase invoice, it is posted. Because a purchase invoice affects accounting, you cannot delete it. If you need to redo a supplier purchase invoice, you can edit it or void it.

You can pay purchase invoices when they arrive or wait until they are due. You can select Purchase invoices to Pay and Cheques to Print reminders to appear on the Company Home page.

You can view all supplier purchase invoices on the Purchase Invoices and Goods Received Notes List.

Note: When you include a product on an invoice, if the quantity on hand is insufficient, a message warns you of negative stock. If you order products but do not receive them or enter the purchase invoice for them, you might receive that message even though you have a sufficient quantity on hand (virtual quantity as opposed to physical) in Microsoft Office Accounting 2009.

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