About prerequisites for cycle definition in Planning Business Modeler

Before you can define a process scheduling cycle, make sure that you complete the following tasks:

  • Perform data preparation that is required for the process. This includes running business rules to perform tasks such as seeding and allocation.

  • Define security roles that are required for users who will participate in the cycle.

Information required for defining a cycle

Before creating a cycle, gather the following information:

  • The name and label of the model to which the process submits data.

  • The name of the Scenario dimension member to which the process submits data.

  • The members of the Time dimension that the process submits.

  • The start date and time at which users should be able to submit data.

  • The deadline by which data submission should be completed.

    If the cycle is a recurring cycle, determine whether Time dimension members "roll forward." If Time dimension members roll forward, make sure that your process uses the Current Period model property. For information about how to use this property in a cycle, see About creating recurring cycles.

  • The data entry forms that the process will use.

  • The names of the users who are associated with each functional role: contributor, reviewer, and approver.

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