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PowerPoint gives you the flexibility to create a basic presentation or to customize your presentation further by creating your own template. All you need for a basic presentation are the standard design elements included in PowerPoint. To create a presentation template, you create your own custom slide layouts, add common elements that will appear on each slide, and then save the file as a template so that others can use it as a starting point when creating their own presentations.

To create a basic presentation, start with these design elements:

  • Themes    Choose a theme to create a unified look for your presentation by using theme colors, theme fonts, theme effects, and slide backgrounds that complement each other. When you create a new presentation, the default theme is automatically applied to your presentation, but you can change the theme at any time.

  • Theme colors    Change the theme color to a color scheme that works best for your presentation. The theme colors use coordinated colors for elements on a slide, such as text in the title placeholder or content placeholder, color fills in the tables, charts, shapes, or lines, and the slide background. Theme colors help ensure that the different elements on the slide coordinate with each other and contribute to a unified look for your presentation.

  • Slides and slide layouts    When you add a slide, select from a variety of slide layouts available in PowerPoint. Slide layouts define the position and formatting for text and objects that appear on a slide.

  • Transitions and animations    Apply a transition between each slide to increase the visual interest of your slide show. Or, take it a step further by animating text and objects on a slide to illustrate your point.

To create your own presentation template, customize these design elements:

  • Slide master    Modify the slide master to add text or object that you want to appear on every slide. The slide master defines the positioning and formatting for title placeholders, content placeholders, and footer elements on its associated slide layouts. Any change you make to the slide master is reflected on its associated slide layouts, which is then reflected in the slides of your presentation that use the slide layouts.

  • Slide layouts in slide master view    Change existing slide layouts or create a custom slide layout in slide master view that fits your needs. You can then add slides with the custom layouts to your presentation.

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Applies To: PowerPoint for Mac 2011

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