About contributors, reviewers, and approvers in Planning Business Modeler

Assignments can be created to include review, approval, and submission. PerformancePoint Planning Business Modeler includes three standard functional roles for process scheduling: contributors, reviewers, and approvers. Each role has different actions that are available in a cycle for an assignment.

Note:  A user can have multiple roles at the same time in one or more assignments or cycles.

The following table describes the three functional roles for assignment processing.



Possible actions


Submits data. Contributors enter data in assignment forms, as required, and then submit the assignment. An assignment can have one contributor.



Review submitted assignments. Reviewers can add comments to aid the approval process. An assignment can have zero or more reviewers.



Approve, accept or reject the submitted assignment. An assignment can have zero or more approvers.

Approve, Reject, Submit

User permissions

Access to data in PerformancePoint Planning Server is based on assigned permissions. The data or input cells that are available to a user might be different from the data or input cells that are available to a different user. For example, the regional manager for the East Coast might only have permission to see or enter the East Coast sales projections, but not the Midwest or West Coast sales projections.

Permissions can be set for an individual or for a business role. For specific information about how permissions are assigned at your company, contact your Planning Server system administrator.

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