About ODBC data sources and organization charts

Each row (or employee) in the data source is represented by one organization chart shape in the organization chart.

You can designate columns in the data source that will become shape data fields associated with the organization chart box shapes. For example, if your data source includes columns for Department and Telephone Number, you can designate these columns in the wizard. As a result, shapes in your organization chart will each have shape data fields for these same properties.

Copy database records to shapes

Select this option to copy the current values from the data source cells into the shape data fields. For example, each employee telephone number in the data source will be copied into the Telephone Number shape data field on the shape representing each employee.

Link database records to shapes

Select this option to create a dynamic link between the data source and the organization chart shapes. If you update the database, you can pass the changes to the drawing. If you update the drawing, you can pass the changes to the database.

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