12 training labs about InfoPath 2007

The following 12 training labs were developed by the Microsoft Office InfoPath product team. These training labs provide step-by-step instructions for using new or improved features in Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007.

Some of the training labs demonstrate how to use InfoPath with other Microsoft programs, servers, or technologies. For example, "Publishing an InfoPath 2007 Form Template to a Server Running InfoPath Forms Services" shows you how to publish a form template to a server running InfoPath Forms Services, such as Microsoft Office Forms Server 2007 or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Even if you don't have access to one or more of the prerequisite products, you can still follow along with the instructions, which are very detailed and often include screen shots to illustrate the steps.

Tip: You can access the training labs for InfoPath 2007 on the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Web site. Or, if you prefer, you can download the training labs and sample files to a location on your computer.


Training lab



Publishing an InfoPath 2007 Form Template to a Server Running InfoPath Forms Services

Learn how to design a browser-enabled form template in InfoPath, how to review different server-specific options, and how to publish the form template to a document library on an Office SharePoint Server 2007 site.


Deploying and Managing InfoPath 2007 Forms

Learn how to deploy a form template to a server running InfoPath Forms Services and how to participate in various form management activities.


Integrating InfoPath 2007 with the Data Connection Library

Learn how to use Universal Data Connection (UDC) files in a data connection library to provide data connection settings to InfoPath form templates.


Enabling Digital Signatures in InfoPath 2007 Form Templates

Learn how to enable digital signatures in an InfoPath form so that users can sign the form in InfoPath or in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Discover how users will interact with the form in Windows Internet Explorer to digitally sign the entire form or parts of the form.


Importing Word Forms into InfoPath 2007

Learn how to convert Microsoft Office Word documents into InfoPath form templates.


Using InfoPath 2007 E-mail Forms

Learn how to send your forms in e-mail messages to deploy, collect, and analyze information. You will also learn how to use property promotion to group and sort information in Microsoft Office Outlook folders, and how to use form information for more detailed analysis.


Restricting Permissions to InfoPath 2007 Forms and Form Templates

Learn how to restrict permissions to form templates and how to specify default permissions for newly created forms.


Using the InfoPath 2007 Object Model and Visual Studio Tools for Applications

Learn how to use the Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA) development environment to write managed-code business logic against the InfoPath object model.


Designing InfoPath 2007 Forms for Mobile Web Browsers

Learn how to create an InfoPath form template that can be filled out in a mobile device browser and then submitted to a library on a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server site.


Creating and Inserting InfoPath 2007 Template Parts

Learn how to create an InfoPath template part, insert it into a form template, and then modify and update it as necessary.


Integrating InfoPath 2007 Forms in Web Sites Using Visual Studio

Learn how to create Web pages in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 that include links that open InfoPath forms. And learn how to add query parameters to the URL to control how the form behaves, and to create a custom page that displays InfoPath forms and ASP.NET controls together.


Using SharePoint Server Workflows with InfoPath 2007

Learn how to start a workflow on an InfoPath form and then complete tasks that are a part of that workflow from within InfoPath.

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