Why is this SharePoint list not synchronizing all item fields or view updates?

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New fields added to the list design in SharePoint are not receiving content in SharePoint Workspace after synchronizing with the server. You have verified that these fields do contain content when viewed on the SharePoint site.

Updates to views on the SharePoint server are not appearing in SharePoint Workspace after synchronizing with the server.


Some field types may not synchronize properly if such fields are added to the list design in SharePoint after the list has already been downloaded and synchronized in a SharePoint workspace. Typically, this issue appears with calculated fields.

Some updates to views, in particular changes to sorts, may not synchronize properly in SharePoint Workspace after the list is downloaded and synchronized.


The most reliable way to fix these synchronization problems is to disconnect the list from the SharePoint server and then reconnect the list. Disconnecting and reconnecting the list simply means that you remove all items in the list in the SharePoint workspace, and then start the process of downloading and synchronizing all content.

Disconnecting and reconnecting a list

  1. Select the list that has the synchronization problem.

  2. On the Sync tab, click Change Sync Settings, and then click Disconnect toolname from Server.

  3. Click Yes at the prompt to confirm this action.

    The list appears under Available on Server in the Content pane, all items are removed, and you see options to Open the list in a Browser or Connect toolname to Server.

  4. Click Connect toolname to Server to start downloading the list once again to the SharePoint workspace.

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