What's new in Access for Office 365

What's new in Access for Office 365

As an Office 365 subscriber, you regularly get new and improved Office features. Take a look below to see what's available to you today.

Note: If you are an IT professional managing the Office 365 update process, check out the channel releases page to learn which updates are provided in each channel.

Latest updates for Access

See what's new in the April update,Version 1904 (Build 11601.20144).Find your Office version

Get smart with Microsoft Graph

Import or link to intelligent data and reinvent your desktop database with Intelligent Technology.


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New Office 365 features are sometimes rolled out over a period of time to all subscribers.

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Latest updates for Access

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See what's new in the March update,Version 1903 (Build 11425.20202).

Keep tabs on your database objects

Clearly see the active tab, easily drag tabs to rearrange them, and close database objects with just one click.

A data table with tabs that can be rearranged

Here's what's new in the January feature update, Version 1901 (11231.20130).

Zoom for more room

Make the font bigger or smaller. Press Shift + F2 to zoom.

Zoom dialog box with text that says Shift + F2 to Zoom

Here's what's new in the November feature update, Version 18.11 (11029.20079).

Paint it black, paint it gray

Change the look of Access as often as you like. Four themes to choose from: Colorful, Dark, Gray, or White.


Black theme

See what's new in the August 2018 feature update, Version 1808 (Build 10730.20088).

Database window in the background and Linked Table Manager dialog box in the foreground

Refresh, relink or remove linked tables

The updated Linked Table Manager is THE location for managing all data sources and linked tables.


See what's new and improved in the May 2018 feature update, Version 1805 (Build 9330.2087).

Visualize data with new charts

Choose from 11 charts and make it easier to understand the data stored in forms and reports. Match fields to chart dimensions and preview your changes instantly.


Database with pie chart in the center of the screen

See what's new and improved in the June 2017 feature update, Version 1707 (Build 8326.2058).

New Label Name property for Access controls makes them more accessible

We've added a new property to controls called Label Name so you can associate a label control with another control. Previously, you had to "cut" a label control and then "paste" it on another control to associate it. Now with the new Label Name property, you can easily type in the name of a label control to associate it.

Associating a label name with a control promotes accessibility because assistive technologies can now detect and indicate the association.

Label Name property shown in the Property Sheet

Editing a new value list item is more accessible

We're introducing a new keyboard shortcut that makes it easier to open the Edit List Items dialog box when working with value list combo boxes on your Access forms.

If your combo box uses a value list as its data source and you've set the Allow Value List Edits property to Yes, you can use this new keyboard shortcut. When you have focus on the combo box in Form view, press Ctrl+E to open the Edit List Items dialog box.


Edit List Items dialog box in an Access form

See what's new and improved in the March 2017 feature update.

When Access loses the ODBC connection to an external data source, users have to close and re-open their Access databases in order to continue working with objects that use data from those external data sources. Access doesn't attempt to re-establish the dropped connection even if the connection is valid again and there is nothing that users can do to make Access try and reconnect to the external data source.

We've improved this experience so that now if Access loses the ODBC connection to an external data source, Access tries to reconnect to the data source automatically. In this scenario, you'll now see the following experience:

  • If Access loses the ODBC connection to an external data source you're trying to use, you'll see an error message describing the failure.

  • Access now attempts to reconnect to the data source automatically when performing operations that require a connection to an external data source. If the retry is successful, you can continue working with the data and database objects without having to close and re-open Access.

  • If the retry fails, you won't be able to work with objects that use the dropped external data sources but you can continue working with other areas of your database that aren't dependent upon the unreachable data sources.

  • If you attempt to use data or other objects again that rely on the external data connections, Access tries again to reconnect to the external data source.

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