What kind of information will I find in Office Delve?

In Delve, you'll find documents - Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF - that are stored in TE104004751 or in Sites in TE102751708, and that you already have access to.

You will not see documents that are stored in private folders unless they are shared with you.

Documents are shown as content cards surfaced on different views. To learn more about the content cards, see How to use the content cards in Delve.

What will I find on the different views?

On this view

You'll find


The documents that are likely to be most interesting to you right now. It's often a mix of documents you worked on yourself and documents that are active among people you work with.

The Home view is personalized to you. Other users will see other documents in their Home views.

My work

Documents you've created or modified.

Shared with me

Documents that have been explicitly shared with you in TE104004751 or in Sites in TE102751708.

: If a whole folder has been shared with you, and not the individual documents within the folder, the documents don't show up in the Shared with me view. The same is true for documents that are shared with you through someone else's Shared with everyone folder in TE104004751.

People page

When you click a person's name or picture anywhere in Delve, you go to their People page. You see their picture, name, and title at the top, and documents Modified by or Trending around them.

: A document can be shown as trending around a person without that person seeing or having access to the document. See Who can see my documents?

Will the content in my desktop folders show up in Delve?

Only if you include your desktop folders in TE104004751. You then get the benefits of TE104004751 and have your content synced and available to you from anywhere securely, and you can find and share this content in Delve.

My colleague says she found this great presentation, but I can't find it in my Delve?

What you see in Delve is personalized to you. If you don't see the same document as your colleague, it could be that you don't have access to the document or that there are not enough contact points between you and the document. In the latter case, you may be able to find the document in your colleague's people page or by searching for it.

My Delve is (almost) empty - what can I do?

Make sure that you follow the advice in store your documents where Delve can get to them.

The more you and your colleagues work together, by viewing, editing and sharing each other's documents, the more useful Delve will be for all of you.

How can I give feedback?

Your feedback helps us make Delve an even better experience. To submit any issues, ideas, or positive vibes, use the Feedback button in the upper right corner.

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Who can see my documents?

How does Delve know what's relevant to me?

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