Planner Quick Start

View plan and get updates

View plan and get updates in Planner

View your plan's progress

In Planner, every plan has a board and charts.

  • The board offers a flexible way to organize your team’s work, and makes it easy for you to see who’s doing what and get details about any task.

  • The charts show how your plan is progressing, with details about what’s done, in progress, not started, and late.

Select Board or Charts at the top of the Planner window to switch between them.

View your plan's progress

Get email about a plan

  1. Select More More icon at the right end of the links below the plan name.

  2. Select Follow plan in inbox.

You will receive email when:

  • A task is completed.

  • A task is assigned (or reassigned) to any plan member.

Note: Planner sends task assignment notifications only if the plan owner has turned them on. See more on how to get email about your tasks and plans.

Get email about a plan
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