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With Outlook you can link your notes for appointments and meetings to OneNote.

Get Outlook Meetings in OneNote 2016

  1. In OneNote, select Home > Meetings Details.

  2. Select a meeting to insert its details as a note on the page. A note container will display.

  3. Select click here next to the Link to Outlook Item to go directly to that item in Outlook.

  4. Select Expand/Collapse next to Invitation Message to display or hide the details of the invitation.

  5. Select Expand/Collapse next to Participants to display or hide the participants of the meeting.

  6. In Notes, make additional notes related to the meeting.

Add a new page for additional meeting notes

  1. On the navigation pane, select Add Page and then enter a name for the page.

  2. On the navigation pane, place the cursor where a page needs to be added, for example: above or below an existing page.

  3. Select Plus, and then type a name for the page.

Insert details of a meeting from another day

  1. In OneNote, select Home > Meetings Details.

  2. Select Choose a Meeting from Another Day in Meetings Details

  3. In the Insert Outlook Meeting Details box, select an option:

    • Use the arrows to select a day. 

    • Select the calendar to go directly to a date.

  4. Select Insert Details to insert the meeting details.

Take notes in a scheduled Outlook meeting

  1. In Outlook, select Calendar on the navigation pane, and then select a meeting.

  2. Select Meeting > Meeting Notes.

  3. In the Meeting Notes box, select an option:

    • Share notes with the meeting - to share notes with others.

      Note: You will need to have a notebook in a shared location.

    • Take notes on your own - to take your own meeting notes in a localized notebook in OneNote.

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Take notes in a meeting with OneNote

If you have contents in your calendar in Outlook, maybe meeting details that you'd like to have in a OneNote note, you can go get them directly from OneNote.

I want those meeting details I can go up to the ribbon with the Home tab selected, check it out, Insert Meeting Details right there at the very end.

Give it a click, and if I have any meetings scheduled for today they'll be listed here under Today's Meetings.

Look at that, Launch Meeting - User Conference 2016.

I can give it a click and the details are inserted as a note right here on my page.

Now I can go inside that container, look at the details.

I can link directly to that item in Outlook.

If Outlook's not already running, it'll be launched and take me directly to that item in my calendar.

I can look at the Invitation Message by expanding that and collapsing it when I don't need it, and then down below, I can see who's participating, who was invited to this meeting. I can collapse that and expand it as well.

Also, there's an area for additional notes that can be added here in OneNote.

So that's one way, let's go to another page here.

We'll go to the week of October 5th and let's add a new page below.

So click the plus sign to the left that's slightly lower than the week of October 5th so it appears underneath, and we'll type in Meeting Details.

So the details for the week of October 5th, Manager Meeting, could be found in Outlook but there is another option, that's choose a meeting from another day.

So this opens up a dialog where we can go browsing through the days of the week if we wanted to using the arrows or click the Calendar icon to go directly to a date like October 5th.

There's a ManagerMeeting right there, and I can Insert the Details by clicking Insert Details.

There they go, in their own container again with a link to that item.

I can expand the message, see who's participating and add additional notes here in OneNote.

So you can do all of that right from within OneNote.

If you happen to be in Outlook, you can do the reverse.

If we switch to Outlook, you can see I'm running Outlook here. I'm going to close up what I see here in this meeting and go back to Outlook looking at my calendar.

Look at this, on October 5th, there's that Manager Meeting.

So with it selected, I see Meeting Details like, Meeting Notes.

I can use OneNote to add notes to this meeting or open notes already associated with this meeting.

So it's going to allow me to go get those details if I wanted to.

Give it a click and you'll see there's actually the details showing up in behind and I can share notes with the meeting or take notes on my own.

So again, sharing means having a notebook in a shared location, taking notes on your own allows you to send these notes and have these notes in your localized notebook in OneNote.

But, click the Close button and close up Outlook if you have it open because I find it much easier to be in OneNote and to go get those meeting details directly from the page where I want them.

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