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Select a theme and style

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To quickly give a professional look to your document, you can apply a theme, which is a set of formatting choices that includes colors, fonts, lines, and other effects.

Choose a document theme

  1. Select Design > Themes to choose a theme.

  2. Point to a theme to see how it will look in your document.

  3. Select a theme.

  4. Choose a new Style, if you want. Click More More drop-down menu to see all options.

    Themes and Styles in Word

Change the theme colors

  1. Select Design > Colors.

  2. Point to a color to see how it will look in your document.

  3. Select a color scheme.

Change the theme fonts

  1. Select Design > Fonts.

  2. Point to a font to see how it will look in your document.

  3. Select a font.

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Apply, customize, and save a document theme in Word or Excel

One of your main goals when creating documents here in Word 2016 is to create documents that are easy to read.

To achieve optimum readability, you should use a consistent look and feel, and the easiest way to get that is through the use of themes.

We're going to create a new document to really see how themes work.

Let's go up to the File tab, click there, and choose New.

Next we're going to use a template, and under Feature, you're going to see a series of templates with names, which actually happen to be the names of many of our themes.

For example, you can see Ion design, Report design.

As you scroll through this, you might see one called Facet.

There it is.

For me on my screen on the first row because I've used it recently.

Let's choose that one, Facet design, and click create to create our new document.

Now all we have are placeholders for a title, a heading, and some body text, and you can see the formatting that comes with this theme.

The title is green and it uses a certain font.

That's all part of the theme.

Headings, you can see, are a smaller sized font.

Same color with a line under it, and then we actually have body text, which looks totally different from the rest. In fact, it's black and much smaller.

As you click in these areas, you can see the fonts that are being used.

Click in heading, same font, different size, click in the body text, again same font, different size, different color.

This is all part of a theme.

What's nice though when you start using these styles for titles, headings, body text, or normal text, when you go to change a theme, which we can do by clicking the Design tab and going to the Themes drop down, when you hover over something other than what's selected,

Facet, you're going to see in the background what that might look like, and you can see Ion, for example, uses a different set of colors and fonts.

So hover over some of these other ones and you'll see they look totally different.

Let's go to Droplet, give it a click.

Now that's the same content but definitely looks different.

You'll notice the other thing that happens when you select a theme, it comes with a number of style sets, so we're not stuck with the fonts and sizes and formatting that we see here.

We can choose different sets, and as you hover over them, you can see what that looks like.

For example, Basic versus Black and White versus some of the fancier ones like Centered.

And you can click this drop down to see all of the different style sets.

Let's go with this one here, which uses some shading.

Now once we've selected a style set, we can even change the color scheme that's used.

Click the drop down, and as you go to something like violet, violet two, actually, I'm going to go with that one, give it a click, you can see how it changes up the colors.

And if you don't like those fonts, choose a different font set. These all come with the theme.

I'm going to go down to Franklin Gothic and click there.

So as you can see, it's going to change up your entire document, and that's because our document is using styles, like a title style for example, or a headings style.

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