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Save files in different places and formats

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Save your document in the place and format that best fits your needs.

  1. Select File > Save As.

  2. Select a place to save the file, or select Browse and go to the location where you want to save the file.

  3. Enter a name for the document.

  4. Select Save as type and choose the file format you want to use.

  5. select Save.

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To save an Office document in a different place or file format, select File, and Save As.

Select the place where you want to save the file.

Then, select the folder.

Select Save. Now you have a copy in OneDrive.

To share a copy of the file ...

Save it with a different name. Again, select File, Save As, change the file name, and select Save.

Office saves a copy of the newly named file in the same place.

To save a file in a different format so that it can be opened by other programs, select File and then Save As.

Select Save as type to see available file formats.

Select a format. To save this as a plain text file, select Text or CSV.

To share this file but prevent others from changing it, save it as a PDF file.

To share the file with someone who uses an older version of Office, save it in an older file format.

When you select Save, a copy of your file is saved in the specified format.

Saving your files in different places or formats works the same way in other Office apps as well.

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