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With Outlook, you can organize contacts into categories, mark them for follow-up, or make them a favorite or private.

Categorize a contact by color

  1. Select People.

  2. Select a contact.

  3. Select Home > Categorize.

  4. Select the category.

    Note: You can use the built-in color categories to organize your contacts. For example, blue for co-workers, red for family and friends, and green for community organizations and members. You can also rename these color categories.

Mark a contact for Follow Up

  1. Select People, and then select a contact.

  2. Select Home > Follow Up

  3. From the Follow Up drop-down, select a timeframe: Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next Week, Not Date, Custom.

    Note: To add a reminder, select Add Reminder….

Mark a contact as Private

  1. Select People, and then select a contact.

  2. Select Home > Private.

    Note: If you share your contact list, no one else will see your Private contacts.

Add a contact to Favorites

  1. Select People.

  2. Right-click the contact, and then select Add to Favorites.

    Note: Hover over People to see a list of your favorite contacts.

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Add contacts to color categories

Now that we have Contacts created, let's work with them.

You can also Categorize a Contact, just like you could with all your Mail.

In fact, the categories are the same, so you don't have to come up with a new system, and when you come up with a system, try to think of one that will work with both Contacts and Mail at the same time.

You can flag contacts for follow up in just the same way you could with email.

You can flag it for a particular date range, and you can also Add Reminder when you want to follow up with this particular contact.

You can also mark a contact as Private.

Marking a contact as private means if you share your contact list, and I'll show you how to do that soon, somebody else who's opening up your Shared Contact List still won't be able to see this one particular contact.

Something else I can do is add them as a Favorite so I can access them quickly.

If I hover my mouse over the People pane icon, I get a list of favorite people.

From here, I can hover my mouse over their details and very quickly send them an email.

I can add anybody to my favorites by selecting them in the view, right clicking with my mouse, and choosing Add to Favorites.

Once they've been added as a favorite, I can hover my mouse over the People pane and send them a new email instead.

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