Video: Create a diagram from a template

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Use a Visio template to help you get started quickly with creating a diagram.

Open and find a template

  1. Select File > New.

  2. To browse all templates, select Categories.

    To see all templates in a category, select the category you want.

  3. Select a template, read the template description, and select the right or left arrow to browse the other templates in the category.

  4. Select the template you want to use, and then select Create.

Delete a shape in your diagram

  1. Select the shape.

  2. Press Delete.

Change a shape

  1. Select the shape.

  2. Select Home > Change Shape.

  3. Select a new shape.

Connect a new shape

  1. Select an existing shape.

  2. Point the arrow in the direction you want the new shape to appear.

  3. Select the shape you want to add.

Add text to a shape

  1. Select the shape.

  2. Select Text and type the new text in the shape.

  3. Press Enter.

Move connectors and shapes

  1. Select a connector and drag it to the shape's point you want to move it to.

  2. To align shapes in a diagram, select a shape and drag it into alignment with the shape you want.

Save the diagram

  1. Select File > Save As.

  2. Select a location.

  3. Type in a file name.

  4. Select Save.

Want more?

A beginner's guide to Visio

View featured templates and sample diagrams online

When you need ideas for your diagram or you don’t know where to start, begin with a Visio template.

Visio provides dozens of built-in templates and thousands of shapes that you can use to create flowcharts, org charts, network diagrams, and more.

To find the templates, I go to File and select New.

Featured templates are the most commonly used templates.

If I don’t find what I want here, I can search for more templates from third parties.

To browse all the templates, I select Categories.

If I know what kind of diagram I need, like a flowchart, I select that category to see all the related templates.

I want to start simple, so I’ll select Basic Flowchart.

My options include a blank template and others that contain starter diagrams.

I select a template with a starter diagram to read the description,

and then use the arrows to browse the other templates in this category.

I've found the one I want, so I select Create.

In my new diagram, all the stencils and shapes I need are available, like the flowchart shapes in the open stencil.

Now I’m ready to create my diagram.

I’ll select anything in the template that I don’t want and press Delete to remove it from the diagram.

Like these instructions I’ve already read.

And this shape.

I want this shape to be different.

I select it, select Change Shape, and choose a different shape.

To connect a new shape to it, I point to the existing shape, point to an arrow in the direction where I want the new shape, and then select the shape I want to add.

The new shape is connected to the existing shape automatically.

Next, I’ll edit the text in the shapes to make my diagram more descriptive.

With the shape selected, I select Text, type the new text in the shape, and press Enter.

All the text is entered.

Now the diagram just needs a few touch-ups.

This connector seems out of place, so I’ll drag it from here to here.

And I'll drag this shape into alignment with a nearby shape.

There. Now I’ll save the diagram using a descriptive name, and I’m done.

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