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Learn how to easily reschedule an appointment on your calendar using Outlook on the Web.

The following procedure is optimized for Outlook on the Web.

To reschedule an appointment

  1. Open the appointment you wish to reschedule, and select Scheduling assistant to view the schedules of everyone invited to the meeting.

  2. Select the new time for the meeting.

  3. Select Change room to select a new conference room, if necessary, and then select OK.

  4. In the Details pane, enter a note explaining the new time for the meeting.

  5. If you wish, select Skype meeting, then select Add Skype meeting to give attendees the option to attend remotely via Skype.

    Select No on the Change location dialog box if you want to keep the physical meeting location, but give attendees the option to attend via Skype. Select Yes if you want to change the location of your meeting to "Online meeting."

  6. Select Send.

So, I’m at a tasting with our caterers to set the menu for an upcoming event.

It’s a good meeting. But the meeting’s going long.

I just got a reminder from Outlook that I’ve got another meeting coming up.

Do I stay at the tasting, or do I show up on time for my next meeting?

With Outlook, I can do both.

I select the meeting on the reminder, select Edit, and look at Scheduling Assistant.

I can check the schedules of everyone invited.

And I see I can move the meeting back a half hour, and Tony can still make it.

I need to find a new conference room, but that’s no problem.

Since all the conference rooms are on Outlook, I just invite a room that’s free at that time, and write a quick note telling Tony the meeting time has moved.

And I select Skype Meeting, in case Tony would rather meet online.

I’m asked if I want to change the location to “Online meeting.”

I’m going to say “no,” so that Tony knows the conference room is available if we need it.

Then I select Send, to send out the new time and location.

Then I can get back to the tasting.

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