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Coauthoring a document can be done just about everywhere. For example, from a smartphone or tablet, you can track the document’s progress, add short comments, and make small but important changes to drive efforts. By using a mobile device, you can stay on schedule and keep the ball rolling.

  1. If necessary, install and set up Office on an iPhone or iPad.

  2. On the iPhone or an iPad, open the OneDrive app.

    The iPhone screen

  3. In the OneDrive app, search for the Package Design document, and then tap it.

  4. To make the document easier to read, tap Reflow The Reflow icon .

    Note: Reflowing does not change the document formatting.

  5. To add a comment, tap Ribbon The Ribbon icon > Review > New Comment.

  6. To explicitly save the document, Tap Ribbon > Done.

    Note: This step is not necessary if AutoSave is turned on.

How to instructions for your device

The ability to coauthor in Word is not currently supported.

Note: The following procedure is for Windows Phone 8.1.

  1. In the app list, tap Office Office icon .

    The Office app is pre-installed on a Windows Phone.

  2. To open the document, do one of the following:

    • In Places, tap the place that the document is in, and then tap the document.

    • Flick to Recent, and then tap a document you recently opened.

    • Tap Search Search icon . In the Search box, start typing the document name, and then tap the document when you see it.

  3. To add a comment:

    1. Tap anywhere in a document, tap Edit Edit icon , and then tap a word or somewhere else in the document to add a comment there.

    2. Tap Comment Add comment icon .

    3. Type your comments.

      If this is the first time you're adding a comment, you'll be asked to enter a user name so that other people will know who edited the document. You can change your user name later by tapping Settings Settings icon in the app list, flicking to Applications, and then tapping Office > User name.

    4. Tap outside the comment box to stop commenting.

    5. To view the comment, tap the comment in the document.

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Brian Jonhson here. Even though Garth works at Contoso and I work at Tailspin, we can still work together on this document.

He sent me a link through OneDrive for Business, so I've been able to get stuff done, even on my smart phone.

Office Apps are available for Windows Phone, Android, and in my case, an iPhone.

In the OneDrive App, I can search for the Package Design document, tap when I see it and the doc opens in the Word app.

This view is a bit small. Tapping Reflow makes the document easier to read on a smart phone, but doesn't change the formatting.

I have something I need to add, so I tap the Ribbon icon, then Review to add a comment.

I'll tap the Ribbon icon when I'm done. AutoSave is usually on with OneDrive. But if it’s not, I can save by tapping Done.

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