Video: Apply themes to change the look of a workbook

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Use or customize a theme in your Excel workbook to make your data stand out.

  1. Select Page Layout > Themes.

  2. Select a theme you want to use from the available list.

    Note: You will see theme previews in your worksheet as you hover over different themes.

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Change the appearance of your worksheet

Now we also have something called themes.

I'm going to go to a different worksheet here called Themes.

This worksheet has an object it in, this hexagon in the lower right, it's got an object here with some text on it, it's got some other data that's been highlighted and it's got a chart.

We can see all of these.

If you're working on a project that might involve Microsoft Word and/or Microsoft Project, if you're pulling together some material possibly for publication or for presentation, it would make sense to be using the same color palettes in all of those.

So the idea of a theme was introduced by Microsoft in Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007 and so on, can be applied the same way in all three software packages.

We find this on the Layout tab.

Now I don't change themes for myself very often.

But when I do, I go to this button right here.

Themes, pick a new theme to give your document instant style and just the right personality.

Each theme uses a unique set of colors, fonts and effects to create a consistent look and feel.

So they're themes, the standard theme that most people use and some people never change is Office.

There's one called Facet and as I'm sliding over these, look what's happening to the right, Ion, Slice, how many choices do we have here?

How much time do you have?

You can begin to see the different effects of what's happening here, this is workbook wide.

We're not looking at the other sheet, but changes will occur there too when we finally lock in and decide on one of these.

Suppose this one appeals to us, Celestial.

And we can change it if we don't like it.

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