Add and format tables and charts

Apply a table style

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Give your tables a designer’s touch with table styles. Choose from a selection of color schemes, apply alternate row colors, add a heading row, or format a total row.

Apply a table style to an existing table

  1. Select any cell in the table.

  2. Select Design.

  3. In the Table Styles gallery, select the table style you want to apply.

    Note: To remove a table style, select Design. In the Table Styles gallery, select More, and then select Clear or Clear Table.

Change the table style options

To change the design of the table, do one or more of the following:

  • To add special formatting to the first row in a table, select Design > Header Row.

  • To add special formatting to the last row in a table, select Design > Total Row.

  • To alternate row or column colors and make tables easier to read, select Design > Banded Rows or Design > Banded Columns.

Repeat a table heading on subsequent pages in Word or Outlook

  1. Select the heading row or rows that you want to repeat on each page.

  2. Select Layout > Repeat Header Rows.

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Change the look of a table

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To add flair to your tables in Office select the table and select the Design tab.

If your table has a header row, to apply a specific style to it, select the check box.

In Excel, you can also add filters to the header row.

To add a totals row at the bottom of a table with numerical data, select Total Row.

To make the first and last columns stand out with special formatting, select First Column and Last Column.

To make rows stand out, select Banded Rows.

To make columns stand out, select Banded Columns.

To change the look of the entire table, you can preview a specific style by pausing over it and to apply a style, select it. You get different style selections based on the Table Style options you choose.

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