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Add extra details to your diagrams with callouts to make those details stand out.

Add a callout to a shape

  1. Select a shape.

  2. Select Insert > Callout.

  3. Select a callout style to see a preview.

  4. Select the callout style you want.

  5. With the callout shape selected, type in the callout text.

  6. Drag the callout shape to reposition it.

  7. Select a blank area of the drawing page to finish.

    Note: When a callout is associated with a shape, the callout moves with the shape automatically. If the shape is copied or deleted, the callout is copied or deleted too.

Move the callout to another shape

  1. Select the callout.

  2. Select the control handle, and drag it to the shape you want to associate the callout with.

  3. Drag the callout shape to reposition it.

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Annotate a diagram by using callouts

How to use text callout data graphics

When you want to make clarifying information, descriptions, and explanations stand out in a diagram, use callouts.

I’d like to add extra details about our blog post publishing process to my flowchart, but I don’t want to add them to the flowchart shapes.

Instead, I’ll use callouts.

I’ll start by adding a callout to this shape to show the contact person for this step.

First, I select the shape.

I go to Insert and select Callout to see the available callout styles.

As I point to a callout style, I see how it will look in the diagram.

When I find one that looks good with my diagram, I select it and type the contact name.

Now, when I move the shape the callout moves with it.

And, when I move the callout, it stays attached to its shape.

But what happens if I add a callout without first selecting a shape?

It appears in the middle of the drawing page.

To attach it to a shape, I’ll first move it close to the shape and then drag the control handle onto the shape.

Now I’ll type the text.

Thanks to the callouts I added, my flowchart provides additional details about the steps in our blog post publishing process.

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