Add and format text

Add WordArt to a slide

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Insert WordArt to visually transform your text and slides.

Add WordArt

  1. Select the text you'd like to work with.

  2. On the Drawing Tools Format tab, you can select WordArt Styles, Text Effects, and more to add style to your text.

  3. Select Home > Reset if you'd like to undo all changes.

Edit an entire placeholder of text

  1. Select the text placeholder you'd like to edit.

  2. On the Drawing Tools Format tab, you can change the font properties for all text in the placeholder, such as the size, bolding, or color.

  3. Select the WordArt Styles drop-down arrow or select Text Effects to format text all at once.

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Insert WordArt

WordArt transforms text you already have into something that looks like it was made by a graphic artist, or at least a little bit more interesting than basic text.

Let's start applying some WordArt to this section header.

I'm going to click and drag to highlight the text.

Instead of changing the font properties on the Home ribbon tab, a new Drawing Tools Format tab has appeared.

Clicking on that tab will bring us to some WordArt styles.

I can click the down arrow and see some styles that I can instantly pull from to change my text.

The color scheme matches that of the theme that we picked for the presentation.

In addition to WordArt, I can also add Text Effects, such as shadows, reflections, and 3-D rotations.

I can also transform the text.

If I hover my mouse over it I can get a preview of how it's going to look.

As you can see, it is possible to get a little carried away.

And something that you thought looked great yesterday may not look as nice to you today.

You can reset your changes.

From the Home ribbon tab, underneath Layout, click Reset, and you'll be brought back to how you were before you started playing around with WordArt and applying styles.

Let's look at one more slide.

I'm going to scroll up to my Functions slide.

So far we've been editing text by clicking and dragging the mouse to select it all and have it highlighted.

However, you can change an entire placeholders worth of text all at once by simply selecting the placeholder.

With the placeholder selected, I can change all the font properties, such as make all the fonts bigger, smaller, I can bold face it, I can even change the color of it, and I can apply WordArt to it.

I still have my Drawing Tools Format ribbon tab available to me.

I'll click on that, and I can apply WordArt styles to everything all at once.

It's not just WordArt either.

I can apply any Text Effects.

For example, I can move all the text all at once.

Now you have several tools under your belt to start formatting text and making it look a little bit more interesting.

You can go further and really start customizing your themes.

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