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Add speaker notes to help you remember what to say when you present. You can see your notes on your computer, but your audience only sees your slides.

Add speaker notes

  1. Select Click to add notes below the slide.

    If you don't see Click to add notes, select Notes notes button in PowerPoint at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Type your notes.

  3. Select Notes if you want to hide your speaker notes.

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Add speaker notes to your slides

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We're all done building our presentation and finally ready to start preparing it for the actual show.

Here's another confidence booster.

It's okay if you know you won't remember all of the key points in the slide when you get to it.

This is normal for absolutely everyone.

And PowerPoint doesn't expect you to remember, either.

That's why we have speaker notes.

Speaker notes are notes that only we can see on our side of the computer screen while we're presenting, but the audience won't see it on the slides on the big screen.

To add notes to a slide, at the bottom of any slide you want to add a note for, simply click underneath it and start typing.

If you don't see an area to start typing, you can toggle on Notes from the status bar.

You can turn it on or off by clicking on it, and when you see the Click to add notes, you can put your cursor there and start typing.

You can add a speaker note to no slides or every slide.

It's completely up to you wherever there's a key point that you don't want to forget to mention.

I can still toggle on and off the notes view and my notes will remain. This way I don't have to look at them if I do need to keep building my presentation.

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