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Add or remove a news post

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Add news to your team site to keep everyone informed, or remove a post to manage content.

Add a news post

  1. From your team site, select + Add.

  2. To create your news post, type in a headline or select Add image to put in a background photo.

  3. Go to where your picture is, select it, and then select Open.

  4. To set the photo's focus point, select it and then drag up or down to position it.

  5. Select the plus sign Circled plus sign used to add a modern web part to a page to add a section or web part to your post.

  6. Select a web part to use, and then select Publish.

  7. To see the post on your team site, select Home.

    To see the post on yoru SharePoint homepage, select SharePoint.

    Note: It may take some time for your news post to appear on your SharePoint homepage.

Remove a news post

Note: Your admin must give you permission to remove a news post.

  1. To remove a news post on your site, select Pages.

  2. Choose the post you want to remove -- a green checkmark A green checkmark appears appears when it's selected.

  3. Select Delete and then select Delete once more to confirm the deletion.

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