Add audio and video

Add and record audio

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Add or record audio, such as music, narration, or sound bites, to your PowerPoint presentation.

Add audio

  1. Select Insert > Audio.

  2. Select how you’d like to add audio:

    • Audio on My PC – Insert an audio file already on your PC.

    • Record Audio – Record audio from a microphone attached to your computer.

Add recorded audio

  1. Select Record Audio.

  2. Type in a name for your audio file, select Record, and then speak.

  3. To review your recording, select Stop and then select Play.

  4. Select Record to re-record your clip, or select OK if you’re satisfied.

  5. To move your clip, select and drag the audio icon to where you want it on the slide.

    Note: If you’re using more than one audio file per slide, it’s advisable to put the audio icon in the same spot on a slide to find it easily.

  6. Select Play.

Adjust recorded audio

  1. Select the Audio Tools Playback tab, and then select which options you'd like to use:

    • To trim the audio, select Trim and then use the red and green sliders to trim the audio file accordingly.

    • To fade in or fade out audio, change the number in the Fade Duration boxes.

    • To adjust volume, select Volume and select the setting you prefer.

    • To choose how the audio file starts, select the dropdown arrow and select an option:

      • On Click – Plays the audio file automatically with a click.

      • Automatically – Plays automatically once you advance to the slide that the audio file is on.

    • To choose how the audio plays in your presentation, select an option:

      • Play Across Slides – Plays one audio file across all slides.

      • Loop until Stopped – Plays an audio file on loop until it’s stopped manually by clicking the Play/Pause button.

    • To have the audio play continuously across all slides in the background, select Play in Background.

Delete audio

  • To delete audio, select the audio icon on the slide and press Delete.

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Add audio to your PowerPoint presentation

Play music for the duration of your slide show

In the last few videos, we've been working with video files.

Let's add an audio file to the slide.

To add audio, I'll click the Insert ribbon tab, on the right-hand side I'll select Audio.

I can choose to insert an audio file that's already on my PC or I can record audio right from my microphone that's attached to my computer.

I'm going to click Record Audio. I can give the audio a name.

I'll call this one Welcome.

To start recording, click the red dot.

Welcome to the Landon Hotel Board of Directors Guide.

Click the Stop button when you're ready.

And to listen to your recording, click the Play button.

Welcome to the Landon Hotel Board of Directors Guide.

You can re-record it, by clicking the red dot or if you're happy with it, click the OK button.

I have a new icon on my slide.

And I can take it and drag it around anywhere I want.

I'm going to drag it to the bottom right-hand corner.

It's advisable that if you're using more than one audio sound per slide, to put the audio notification in the same spot.

This way you'll be able to find it easily.

You can also use this tool as a fantastic way to narrate your slides.

Say if you're sending this out as a photo slideshow for somebody.

You could give them a tour with your own voice as they're navigating through the PowerPoint presentation.

It's helpful to them to be able to find the audio symbol in the same place on every slide.

You can play the control by hitting the Play button.

There's also some more things we can do with it.

If I select the audio icon, just like the video, I have a new ribbon section with two tabs on it.

A Format section, so we can change the way it looks, and a Playback section, so we can change the functionality.

I can trim the audio.

This can make it shorter if it happens to be too long.

The green is where the audio starts, and I can drag it inward to shorten it.

The red is where the audio ends and I can drag it inward also to shorten it from the end.

I'll click Cancel on this.

If it starts abruptly, I can fade it in, or if it's a song that just ends, I can choose to fade it out.

If the clip is too loud when I'm playing it, I can adjust the volume to the right setting.

I can choose how I want the audio file to start playing.

Should it start playing when I click the mouse?

Or automatically when I advance to the slide that it's on?

I can also press this button to have one audio file play across all my slides.

I can also have the particular audio file loop until it's stopped manually by hitting the play and pause button.

I can also choose to have it play in the background.

It's going to continuously play across all my slides in the background, which is great for photo slideshows.

At any point if I decide I don't want this narration on my slide, I can click the icon and hit the Delete key.

It's gone and there'll be no more audio from that slide.

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