Review documents and track changes

Accept or reject changes

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After you and your teammates have made changes to a document, review the changes and decide whether you want to keep or remove them.

Accept or reject changes one at a time

  1. Place the pointer at the beginning of the document.

  2. Select Review > Next in the Changes group to see the first tracked change.

    The Next option is highlighted on the Review tab.

  3. To keep the change, select Accept.
    Or, to remove the change, select Reject.

    The Accept and Reject options are highlighted on the Review tab.

  4. By default, Word moves to the next tracked change after you've made your selection.

Accept or reject all changes at once

  1. Place the pointer at the beginning of the document.

  2. Select Review, select the arrow below Accept, and select Accept All Changes.
    Or select Review, select the arrow below Reject, and select Reject All Changes.

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Track changes in Word

When you use Track Changes to track the changes that multiple people might be making to a document, as the author, you'll want to have the ability to either accept or reject those changes and move through the document doing so.

And with Track Changes turned on, here under the Review tab, I also like to make sure the Reviewing Pane is turned on. I like it vertically.

But if yours is not open, just come in here and click one of these two options.

You'll be able to see them all over here on the left. And in fact, there's an expansion arrow that shows you how many Insertions, Deletions, Moves, Formatting, Comments.

And then down below, is a list of each of those.

Let's go to the first one.

Just by clicking in Author Formatted, Font 20 points, we're taken directly to that.

And at this point, we can choose whether or not we want to accept that or reject it, or just simply move on to the next.

The Accept button has a drop-down, where you can accept and move on to the next change or just simply accept this change.

You could accept them all, even accept all the changes in this document and stop tracking them.

But let's go to Accept and Move to Next.

You can see it's accepted, and we move on to the next one.

It's highlighted down below, where the color was changed.

So now all we have to do is click the Accept button, and the default that we selected a moment ago is set as Accept and Move to Next.

Or we can reject it if we want to. Reject also has a drop-down, where we can reject and move to the next, reject, all changes, and stop tracking.

And let's choose Reject and Move to Next.

So you can see, the formatting is no longer applied, and we've moved on to the next change.

It's a comment. Well, in that case, we might just want to move on to the next, leave the comments there.

Again, we move on to a formatting change that we can reject.

And another format, reject that.

Another one, and suddenly we move on to another heading that's been reformatted.

So if we want to reject all of those, it's just a matter of clicking the Reject button.

Then we can see something's been deleted and replaced with something else down below here.

You can see what was deleted.

Here it is over here, on the left-hand side.

Well, I don't think we want to accept that one.

We'll reject it.

And then something was added, "There is so much to do in Paris!"

Now it was replacing what was removed, but we can choose to keep that.

I'm going to accept that one. Move on to the next, it's simply a comment.

And we can move to the next, leaving the comment as is.

And you can see there is nothing else really.

We're at the end.

So by using Track Changes and Showing Markup, we can choose, as the author, to either accept or reject changes that are made to a document, having the final say in the end.

Let's close up the Revisions Pane.

And let's go over here to Track Changes, click the drop-down, and click Track Changes to turn it off.

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