Use the web version of Outlook on your phone

You'll soon see a new look and new features when you use and Outlook on the web via a browser on your phone. 


Reviewing and responding to messages will be faster and easier, with all of your important messages in one place. 


Top navigation for mini Outlook Web App

From the toolbar, you can open a list of all your message folders Open folder list , search your mailbox Search icon , and compose a new message Create new item . There's a slider at the top of the list that you can use to switch between the Focused and Other views of your Inbox, as well as an option to filter messages.

Folder list

Folder list and settings access

The folder list includes a toggle for switching the new and Outlook on the web on or off, a list of your folders, and a link to settings Settings icon . At the bottom of the folder list, you'll find links to give feedback, get help, and sign out.

Note: The new Outlook will soon be the only version available and the toggle to switch between the new and classic versions will be removed. 

Message list

Top of message list

The message list contains your messages. Touch and hold a message or tap on a sender's image to select multiple messages.

Navigation bar

Bottom navigation to mail, calendar, and people

The navigation bar lets you switch between Mail, Calendar, and People.


Use the calendar to create events and plan your day. 


Calendar toolbar

From the toolbar, you can open a list of all your calendars Open folder list , select a date Selector icon , change your calendar view Switch calendar view icon , and create an event Create new item .

Agenda view

Agenda view

The agenda view is a list of your meetings and appointments. Scroll to move between days.

Day view

Day view

You can switch between agenda view and day view from the toolbar Switch calendar view icon . The day view is a timeline of your meetings and appointments.


Use People to manage your contacts.


People toolbar

From the toolbar, you can open a list of your folders Open folder list , search for a contact Search icon , and create a new contact Create new item

Contact list

Contact list

Select a contact to view more details.

How do I give feedback?

Tell us what you think by opening the folder list Open folder list , scrolling down to the bottom of the list, then selecting Feedback.  

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