Use Office Online on a tablet

On touch-screen computers such as iPads and Windows RT tablets, use touch to view and edit documents in the browser. When you follow a link to a document stored in OneDrive or a library in your organization’s Office 365 or SharePoint site, the document opens in your web browser.

Give it a try: If you don’t yet have a document stored in the cloud, try out touch on a sample Word document.

Tip:  On a Windows RT computer, use the Touch Mode button to switch between touch and mouse-and-keyboard modes.
Touch Mode button

Use familiar gestures

In touch mode, use gestures you’re familiar with, like tapping, swiping, pinching, and stretching.


Swipe to scroll through left, right, up, and down, to page through a Word document, or to advance through the slides of a PowerPoint presentation. Flick to scroll quickly, and when you arrive at the spot you want, tap to interrupt the scrolling.

Swipe across the screen

Zooming in and out

Zoom in for a larger view by stretching two fingers.

Stretch fingers apart

Zoom out by pinching your fingers together.

Pinch fingers together


In Editing View of Office Online, tap to place your insertion point and begin typing.

Tap gesture

Tap once to place the insertion point in the document; tap again to place the insertion point more precisely within a word. To select a block of text, drag the circular handles. Or, tap and hold, then tap Select.

Selecting text in touch mode in Office Online

How to “right-click”

With a mouse and keyboard you can right-click items to get commands that apply to the item you right-clicked. In touch mode, tap and hold to see commands that apply to wherever the insertion point is. To see commands that apply to a selection of text, drag the handles to select text, tap and hold, and then, tap the command you want.

Context menu in OneNote Online on touch device

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