Use Cortana in Teams

Cortana is your digital assistant. She'll help you get things done in Teams.

To use Cortana, go to the top of Teams and click the microphone icon—it’s on the right side of the command box. You can also press Alt+C to start Cortana.

Cortana mic icon

Speak into your computer’s microphone and tell Cortana what you'd like to do.

Speaking to Cortana

What kind of things can Cortana help you with?

Here are a few suggestions to get you started.


“Call Krista.”

“Call 555-123-4567.”

“Add Padma to the call.”

“Add 555-123-4567 to the call.”

“Hang up.”

“Transfer the call to Krista.”

“Transfer the call to my mobile.”

“Put the call on hold.”


“Join the current meeting.”

“Add Padma to the meeting.”

“Present the deck that’s attached to this meeting.”

“Present the deck I was working on.”

“End the meeting.”

“Stop presenting this deck.”


“What meetings do I have tomorrow?”

“What meetings do I have on February 5th?”

“Cancel my 2 PM meeting.”

“Cancel my meeting with Myron.”

“Cancel my Morning Status meeting.”

“Show my calendar.”


“Send a message to Shiori.”

“Send a message to my 10 AM meeting.”


“Go to the Marketing channel.”

"Go to the Northwind Traders team.

“Go to Settings.”

“Go to Downloads.”

"Go to Saved Messages."

“Search for status report.”

User activity

“Show me My Activity.”

“Show me where I was mentioned.”

“Go to my unread activity.”

“Show me Jayden's activity.”

“Change my status to busy.”


“Download this file.”

“Open Q4 sales report.”

“Show me my recent files.”


"What can I do?"

"Send feedback."

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