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Use a screen reader to add a link to a document library in SharePoint Online

With the help of your screen reader, you can add a link to a SharePoint Online document library, which then allows you to share content with your team, even when that content is located outside of your document library. When you select and open a link in the document library, the associated content opens as a new tab in your browser.


  1. Sign in to your organization’s Office 365 account, start the SharePoint app, and then open your document library.

    Tip: Document libraries in SharePoint Online have two different views: classic and SharePoint Online experience. For most people, SharePoint Online experience is the default. However, if you hear “Check it out button” when navigating your document library, you’re using the classic experience. To view SharePoint Online document libraries, when you hear “Check it out button,” press Enter. After the view of your document library changes to the SharePoint Online experience and the focus moves from the Check it out button to the New link, you hear the name of your document library, followed by “New.”

  2. To move to the list of folders and files, press the Tab key until you hear “Column headers.” To move through the list and select the folder where you want to place the link, press the Down Arrow key or Up Arrow key. To open the selected folder, press Enter.

  3. To move to the menu bar, press Shift+Tab a couple of times until you hear “New. Create a new folder or Office document in this location.” To select the New command, press Enter.

    Tip: If the first item on the menu bar is Open rather than New, this means that an existing folder or file is selected. To move to the selected item, press the Tab key a couple of times. To clear the selection, press Spacebar. To return to the menu bar, press Shift+Tab a couple of times until you hear “New.” The New command is now available. Press Enter.

  4. Press the Down Arrow key several times until you hear “Link.” Press Enter.

  5. In the Create link to pane which opens, press the Tab key until you hear “Enter address.”

  6. Type the web address for the link. Tab to the Create button and press Enter.

    Tip: You can also create a link to a recently opened file. In the Create link to pane, to move to Recent, press the Tab key until you hear “Recent items list.” To browse through recently opened files, press the Down Arrow key or the Up Arrow key. To create a link to the selected file, press Enter.

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