Turn on East Asian language features in Office for Mac

  1. Open any Office application. For example, Word for Mac.

  2. Click Word, or the menu for the Office application you opened, and then select Preferences.

  3. Under Authoring and Proofing Tools, click East Asian Languages.

  4. Select JapaneseSimplified Chinese, or Traditional Chinese.

    Language Selection screenshot for Office for Mac 2016

    You'll be prompted to restart the Office application to apply the change.

  5. Open the Office application that you want to use an East Asian language in, and open a worksheet, document, or presentation.

    All of the East Asian language fonts and tools are available for use in the application.

You turn on the East Asian language features in Office 2011 for Mac by using the Microsoft Language Register. Then, for each Office application that you want to type East Asian characters in, you can select a East Asian input type.

  1. Close any open Office applications.

  2. In the Finder, open Microsoft Office 2011/Additional Tools/Microsoft Language Register, and then double-click Microsoft Language Register to open the application.

  3. On the Select the language to enable for Microsoft Office pop-up menu, click Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese, and then click OK.

  4. On the Apple menu, click System Preferences.

  5. Under Personal, click Language & Text, and then click the Input Sources tab.

  6. Select the Chinese - Simplified, Chinese - Traditional, or Japanese check box.

    Tip: For more information about keyboard layouts, see Mac Help.

  7. Select the Show Input menu in menu bar check box, and then close the Language & Text dialog box.

  8. Open the Office application that you want to use an East Asian language in.

  9. On the right side of the menu bar, click the input menu, which is the flag of the current input type, and then click the East Asian input type that you want.

    Input menu on menu bar

    Callout 1 The input menu on the menu bar.

    You can now type East Asian characters in the application that you are using and use the other East Asian language features in Office.

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